Fern, Palm, and Flowering Plants

New botanical drawings

Christine Hellyar

October 24th 2021 until mid November

2021 Book Publication

Diana Halstead — Drawings


Upcoming Exhibitions

Christine Hellyar — New Drawings

October 2021


December 2021

Bronze Exhibition and Workshop

January 2022

Miranda Gallery

Established and Emerging Contemporary New Zealand and Pacific Island Art

Paintings, Prints, Drawings, Sculpture and Ceramics

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A superb array of both indoor and outdoor works, including a sculpture garden display.

Proudly F/M Gender Balanced Since 2014

Miranda Gallery has proactively represented an equal mix of male and female artists since the mid 2010s.

We would warmly welcome the addition of additional genders who fit our focus. If you know of someone or consider yourself an artist of non-binary gender, please feel free to contact us.